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How To Wear an OTS Dress When It’s Cold (And A Wedding Anniversary) | What I Wore

embroidered bomber jacket with white lace dress outfit

Today is mine and Herman’s seventh wedding anniversary. Yes, we were clearly married very young (;))!

It was such a big day. I remember at the end of today, seven years ago, just thinking that when it was over, I was just so glad it was over. So much planning – months of it, for one day. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t wait to marry Herman, I just was so glad the day – the big event – was over!

Our wedding day 2010

Looking back, our wedding day itself was actually so lovely, it really was a great day. We had a fun time and when we watched the wedding DVD back a few years ago I remembered just how much fun we had with our family and friends. One part which always makes me laugh is the fact our dance floor resembled a night club – we were still in the midst of our clubbing heyday so the mood was certainly set to party! The honeymoon was also amazing – we spent two weeks in Vietnam and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Fast forward seven years, and here we are with two little ones and different careers too. We never really make a big song and dance about anniversaries, but if we can celebrate, we usually go out for dinner. I had this outfit planned if we happened to go out to celebrate, however we are all getting over some illnesses (Hannah and Audrey came down with a cold last week) so I’m still not sure if we will be able to do anything – yet I wanted to have an outfit ready.

I saw this Lace n Heels dresss a long time ago and fell hard. It’s off the shoulder (OTS) and Lace = a double yes for me! I’ve never really worn body conscious dresses, well, since the early 2000s (haha!), but I’ve been all about trying new things lately, so I’m giving it a go. I think it’s all about confidence, which I seem to have more of now I’m getting older! I’m wearing a 10 and it’s comfortable for me – I’d say it’s true to size.

In summer I will wear this dress with some tan heels and some fab colourful earrings; however, it’s now autumn and thus it has started to cool in the evenings. And there, my friends, lie a problem: how do you wear an off the shoulder dress when it’s cold – let alone a white lace one at that – and at night time?!

I thought I’d share this outfit because I think I may have solved my dilemma with a simple jacket. It’s not as casual as a denim jacket, but not as dressy as a blazer. It’s the silky bomber jacket. This one was from SheIn last winter, however there are plenty around this year too.

The intricate embroidery on the back of the jacket ties in with the lace dress, yet the bomber shape contrasts with the tight dress. The jacket takes the outfit from ‘nightclub’ to ‘fun dinner date’ by taking the sexiness of the bodycon dress down a notch. I’ve draped it over my shoulders but it’s also super easy to slip one of these on your actual arms (I know, crazy!) with an OTS too.

embroidered bomber jacket with white lace dress outfit transparent strap shoes pretty chuffed blogger brisbane off the shoulder dress when its cold white lace winter how to wear OTS dress when its cold

*Lace N Heels super charge OTS white lace dress AUD$74.95 {I’m wearing a 10 and I am 158cm tall} | *SheIn bomber jacket, similar here AUD$46 | Boohoo Vanessa heels AUD$40 | Colette Hayman clutch, similar here AUD$34.99

And I won’t get too soppy here but before I go I’d just like to say happy anniversary to my very own Instagram husband, Herman. I’m so glad I met you all of those years ago, and saying ‘I do’ was the best decision I have ever made. I love you, always xx

Would you wear this look? Do you celebrate wedding anniversaries? What do you usually do to celebrate if so?

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