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    Top 10 Pretty Chuffed Posts of 2015


    Happy holidays! Hasn’t 2015 flown? Although this year my family has grown by one, it’s still feels like it’s gone by with a blink of an eye.

    Since early November I’ve slowed down my usual posts as I was awaiting Audrey’s arrival, and since she’s been here I’ve done less of my usual posts, however I’m hoping to have everything back up and running by February 2016.

    So, what were your favourite posts of the year? A mishmash of family, outfits and shopping posts, with my 30th birthday competition also popular. Can you guess what was number one?

    10. Reversible Wrap Midi Dress | What I’m Wearing

    I love this dress – and clearly you did too! I hope St Frock bring it back in more prints.

    9. Spring Racing Style Guide With Billy J | Affordable Outfit Ideas

    Spring racing season is a favourite time for dressing up for so many – me included!

    8. The Most Comfortable Black Pants | What I’m Wearing

    One of the new brands I’ve been working with this year is Frankie and Co. This outfit was a hit for many reasons, and these pants are amazing!

    7. Spring Shirt Dresses Under $70 | Must-have Monday

    Who doesn’t love a shirt dress? Here’s some of my favourite spring styles.

    6. What To Wear To A Wedding | Outfits Under $100

    Weddings are expensive occasions, yet your outfit needn’t be.

    5. 14 Of The Best New Season Flats Under $100 | Must-have Monday

    I love comfy flats and I loved gathering together my favourite online finds.

    4. 14 Maxi Dresses Under $70 | Must-have Monday

    Maxi dresses are my favourite things right now! Casual yet easy to dress up, they’ll give you easy style points.

    3. What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

    I always struggle with what to wear in air – you want to be comfy and warm yet if you’re like me, PJs don’t cut it. Here’s some inspo.

    2. Baby Update | The Birth

    Our world changed forever last month when our second daughter was born. I wrote all about it, here.

    1. I Turned 30, You Get The Presents!

    Turns out you all love a giveaway! Who doesn’t? It’s closed now, however I’ll be running more this year – keep your eyes peeled!

    Thank you so much for reading and being involved with the Pretty Chuffed community during the past 12 months. I’ve appreciated each and every reader, comment and question. Although things have quietened down with my adjustment to life as a mum of two, I feel so grateful to have this little piece of the internet to share my feelings, thoughts and shopping tips with. Stay tuned, as next year will be a cracker!

    Was your favourite post on the list? Was there any of these you missed?

    Fast Five, LIFE

    Fast Five With Mum’s Closet | Talking Must-haves

    Mum's closet blog

    Hello and welcome to another instalment of Fast Five With! This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Claire of Mum’s Closet – one of my favourite blogs. Mum’s Closet is all about ‘doing motherhood with a smile and some style’ – but it’s more than that – it’s about realising that once you become a mother your focus changes – but it’s still important to keep and maintain your own style, desires and dreams. And that’s what I love about it. It’s a clean, well ordered blog with weekly style posts and luxe to less features (my favourite!). Claire is another lovely blogger with a down to eath demeanour and a love of leopard print And a bargain or two (don’t we all?!). If you haven’t visited Mum’s Closet, view it here. You can also follow Claire on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

    So without further ado, here’s this week’s Fast Five With Claire from Mum’s Closet!

    1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    A little black dress that can be dressed up or down easily {I love me some versatility}, a new book & a good lipgloss!

    Claire of Mum's Closet

    Claire of Mum’s Closet


    2. What’s your Summer must-have?

    A pair of swimmers that you feel fab in. There is nothing more uncomfortable or cringe-worthy than being out at the beach or local pool wearing something that doesn’t fit in the right places, and leaves you feeling insecure. Each Summer, I treat myself to a new pair of simmers/bikinis that fit my shape well and I feel confident in. I want to enjoy Summer days out & about with my kids, not hide away because I’m too scared to wear ill-fitting swimwear.

    3. What’s currently at the top of your autumn/winter wardrobe wish list?

    Oooh, some new boots are up high on my wish list. I’m going to give some over the knee boots a try – hoping they fit my short legs. A couple of new scarves, because they’re always my most used Autumn accessory and a tailored black coat/jacket.

    One of Claire's gorgeous outfits.

    One of Claire’s gorgeous outfits.

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    Fashion related: I went to the USA in 2011 and bought a gorgeous GUESS watch for $80. When I got back home to Australia, I saw the exact watch in stores here; ‘on sale’ for $398.

    Non-Fashion related: A couple of years ago, I decided I would buy a new Christmas Tree in the January sales ready for the next Christmas. I found a beautiful large tree which said 50% OFF so took it to the checkouts, expecting pay around $100 with the half price discount. It scanned up for $6. Even the checkout girl was shocked and checked that the price was legit. It was!! I was very happy with that score!

    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    I would head down to our local Nail Bar – they do a Spa Pedi & Mani deal for $50. I love indulging in a foot and hand treatment and a pop of colour on my nails on special occasions – that’s my “me” time every now and then when I get a few child-free hours. I would use the remaining $50 to buy myself a new top online {I love finding bargains on The Iconic and St Frock} or some new ballet flats for Autumn, a statement necklace or a new bold-coloured lipstick.

    For more of Claire’s style and Mum’s Closet goodness, visit


    Fast Five, LIFE

    Fast Five With Geelong Fashionista | Talking Bargains

    Geelong fashionista

    I first came across the ever-stylish Kirsty, aka Geelong Fashionista, on Instagram, as a fellow style challenger. Kirsty wears a mix of bargains and higher-end pieces in her outfit posts and has a knack for creating polished ensembles with a touch of fun. She also features the very best of Geelong, a place of which I’m sad to say I’m yet to visit! Check out Kirsty’s Instagram here and her blog Geelong Fashionista here.

    Today I’m super happy to announce the lovely Kirsty as my Fast Five interviewee! Thanks for taking the time to chat Kirsty xx

    So without further ado, here’s the Fast Five With Geelong Fashionista!

    1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    My camera would be the first thing I packed, followed by bikinis and a dress that would work for day or night… I’d hope to be going somewhere in the sun!


    Geelong Fashionista, aka Kirsty!

    2. What’s your Summer must-have?

    I love hats! So a great hat or two or three. They are perfect for a bad hair day, for shade in the summer heat and give something fun to an outfit!

    3. What’s currently at the top of your wardrobe wish list?

    I have a never ending lust list of items I want to buy that never ends.However on the top at current is a pair of Senso Riley I Sandals. I need them in my life quick smart.

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    Would have to be a pair of boots I had been eyeing off for ages. Things were a little tight so I couldn’t afford them. They then went on sale plus 20% a bargain at $60!


    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    I would most likely click on The Iconic. Lots of variety and great buys for $100 or less.

    To view more of Kirsty’s awesome style visit



    Blogging, LIFE

    Top 10 Pretty Chuffed Posts of 2014

    Top ten pretty chuffed post 2014

    Although I began blogging in 2011, I didn't really focus my time and energy on this blog until midway through this year. Being at home with Hannah, it wasn't that I needed anything extra to do (there's always something to do with a child, I've found) but I needed to be part of a community; I needed something to work on, to take my mind off things, to relax with. This blog has been all of that and much more, and I am truly blessed and thankful for each and every one of you – the readers, visitors and friends that make Pretty Chuffed what it is – a place to come for a smile, a laugh and maybe find a bargain or two. Thank you.

    At the moment, I'm taking a bit of a break from posting, and I'm spending some lovely time with family and friends. (I'm still on Instagram though, follow me here!) Even though it's raining and we've planned a beach holiday, I'm enjoying just kicking back and enjoying each other's company. And a few drinks and good food, of course. I'll be back posting more than ever in January, so stay tuned, but today I thought I'd bring you the most popular posts of this year – can you guess the number one post?

    10. Four Things I Learnt From a Month-Long Style Challenge

    This is why I love style challenges! Hopefully it might inspire you to take one on.

    9. Printed Pants | Must-have Monday

    The pants I'm wearing are currently sold out, but find other similar ones here.

    8. Pros and Cons To Having a Fringe (or Bangs)

    Before I cut in a fringe, I always go through this list of pros and cons. It might help you too, if you're considering the big chop!

    7. DFO Jindalee Challenge | Christmas Party Outfit for $25

    A party outfit for $25?! I did it – read how!

    6. What To Wear While Breastfeeding | Mama + Baby

    Tips and clothing pieces to add to your mama wardrobe (all from the high street.)

    5. Ten Of The Best Kaftans | Must-have Monday

    Kaftans are a summer staple, and can be dressed up or down.

    4. What To Wear to The Work Christmas Party | Outfits Under $100

    The age-old question – what to wear to the work Christmas do!

    3. What I'm Wearing | Palm Print Top

    This top is now on sale too – only AUD$25!

    2. Must-have Monday | Tan Sandals

    A classic, and it seems everyone is searching for the perfect pair.

    1. Fast Five With Fox in Flats

    One of my most favourite bloggers and I had a little chat about bargains and must-haves. And, it was the most popular post of the year! Thanks for being a constant inspiration to so many, Andrea.

    What was your favourite post of the year? Any of these you missed?


    Fast Five, LIFE

    Fast Five With More Than Adored | Talking Beauty

    More than adored

    I may have mentioned once or twice that although I love makeup (especially lipstick), I am a bit of a novice when it comes to applying it properly or finding new products. That is where (for me) blogs come in. One of my favourites is More Than Adored. Full of beauty tips and new product info, More Than Adored is like a gorgeously presented online magazine and also features lifestyle, food and fashion as well. I just love it. (Check out More Than Adored here and on Instagram here.) Hence, I'm pretty excited to announce that today's Fast Five is with the brains behind More Than Adored, the gorgeous gal herself, Sarah Fisher! Welcome Sarah, and thank you so much for taking the time to chat xx

    1. You're headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    Only three things?! My Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser for a light coverage base, Make up Forever Aqua Brow because I just can’t go without brows; and a mascara. Sadly I haven’t found the perfect mascara so just whatever is on hand.

    Sarah Fisher (on right).

    2. What's your Spring must-have?

    I have so many! When it comes to make up I absolutely love corals at this time of year so a good quality coral lipstick, a light base like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and a sheer cream shadow all over the lids… Something like the Covergirl Outblast Shadow Sticks. When it comes to clothing I’m a little obsessed with kimonos so a good selection of fun prints is a must!

    More Than Adored's stunning photography


    3. What's currently at the top of your wardrobe wish list?

    Definitely a Prada handbag…. #dreaming

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    I’m not the best bargain hunter when it comes to fashion, I think that’s why I love Pretty Chuffed so much! With beauty you can’t so past Essence blushes! They’re so easy to blend and last all day.

    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    Probably ASOS! They always have a sale so I know I’d be able to put $100 to good use and get a mixture of beauty and clothing bits.

    Thanks for chatting Sarah! (Love that lippy too...)


    To read more of Sarah's beauty tips as well as tonnes of lifestyle goodness, visit



    Fast Five, LIFE

    Fast Five With Fox in Flats | Talking Bargains


    When I first signed up to Instagram about three years ago (has it been that long!?) I jumped aboard a photo challenge called the Fox in Flats Style Dare. I had watched the Fox In Flats red lipstick dare from afar and when the dares ventured into the clothing category I thought ‘I can do this!’. The Fox in Flats Style Dare dragged me out of my comfort zone, introduced me to new Insta-friends (who I am still friends with to this day) and brought the awesome blog, Fox in Flats, and its ever stylish founder, Andrea, to my attention. If you are yet to check out Fox in Flats, do yourself a MAJOR favour and click here. And while you’re at it, follow Andrea on Instagram (@foxinflats) here.

    Fast forward three years and here I am with my own little piece of the net, ever inspired by those out there just ‘doing it’ and doing it well. One of those is of course Andrea. Years into the game, Andrea is still leading the pack with her Fox in Flats style dares, beauty and fashion tips and tricks and much more, all presented in her easy-going, generous and kind spirited way.

    So today, I am so very excited to bring you this week’s Fast Five with one of my favourite bloggers of all time, Andrea Michelle of Fox in Flats! Thank you so much for your time Andrea xx

    1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    Bikini, a good book, and a little black dress – I’d be hoping the mystery would involve relaxing on a beach reading said book followed by a margarita at a beach side bar.


    Fox in flats

    Andrea Michelle, Fox in Flats

    2. What’s your Spring must-have?

    Great skin! The better it is, the less makeup you need to wear. And as we head into the hotter months this is a must. Plus, a natural look is beautiful.

    3. What’s currently at the top of your wardrobe wish list?

    A new pair of sunnies (or two). Mine inevitably get lost or bashed about like a pinata at a kid’s birthday party so am always in need of another pair. And, it’s one of the easiest ways to update your look.

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    Ugh, where do I start?! When my boys were little we used to regularly pop into our local Vinnies – there were always kooky fun things for them to look at and play with, and I’d rummage through the racks of clothes. I uncovered so many treasures that way. More recently I put a dent in my wallet while in New York during their sales – everything was so much less expensive than here. But I think a real bargain is something that you get a lot of wear out of – so the ‘cost per-wear’ is low, and you adore each time you wear it. I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo sandals in NYC that have been bargain-licious for those reasons.

    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    I’d probably buy a bottle of champagne and a few nibbles and invite a friend over. A giggle and a good chat is more satisfying than a retail rush.

    Fox in flats

    Champagne, anyone?


    For more of Andrea’s style and beauty adventures, visit



    Fast Five, LIFE

    Fast Five With Trainee Mama | Talking Bargains

    Trainee mama interview

    I first came across Peta of Trainee Mama on Instagram, through her good friend Katy Potaty, some years ago now. Peta’s blog, Trainee Mama, is full of real, funny and engaging stories – covering everything from motherhood (her little one Ned is absolutely gorge!) to fashion, to bargains, to homewares. I love it. Of late, Peta has been working on a number of projects to help her twin sister Vanessa and her brother in law Brad who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. You can find out more about her projects, including a wonderful charity raffle on her blog, Instagram or Facebook.

    Today though, we’re talking bargains – and Peta is a bargain hunter extraordinaire. She’s also a fit mama, and inspires me to get up and moving! So, without further ado, here’s the Fast Five With Trainee Mama!

    1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    Sunnies, a dress that could take me from breakfast to brunch and then to afternoon beers or bellinis and the iPad {sad I know}.

    Peta Bourke, Trainee Mama


    2. What’s your Spring must-have?

    I have no idea what the current trends are, but for me, spring in Queensland is hot so comfortable floaty dresses and a bangin’ pair of flat sandals. Oh, and a new pair of togs – we’ll be spending plenty of time at the beach this season.

    3. What’s currently at the top of your wardrobe wish list?

    I’d like a few new day dresses to slip on over togs, wear to the shops or just to lounge about the house with Ned. I’m stuck in a bit of shorts, tank and thongs cycle most weeks.

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    That’s a tough question. I am forever hunting for bargains via garage sales, op shops, gumtree, ebay and of course online and instore but I’d have to say a metalicus top that I bought for probably $2.00 at an op shop many years ago would be the best purchase. I wore it before and throughout my pregnancy and still wear it today – it’s kind of my go-to top and the cost-per-wear must be something like five cents.

    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    I’m a sucker for active wear given my love of exercise and sport and my more casual fashion status these days, so either Lorna Jane or Rebel Sport… or I’d have a browse through The Iconic or Asos to find something a bit special {but would search for a discount code before checking out to make sure I got the most bang for my buck}.

    The gorgeous Trainee Mama, Peta.

    To read more of Trainee Mama’s adventures, visit