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    My New Skin Care Secret | With Summer Land Camel Milk Skin Care

    Sponsored by Summer Land Camels

    I’m a clothes lover and style experimenter from way back, but I’ve found as I get older, especially, I love trying out new skin care. Ageing, for me, has also meant drier skin, more lines and sometimes temperamental, oily skin. So, I love testing new ranges and seeing how they work for me. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying a new skin care range which features one of the oldest beauty secret ingredients – camel milk. 

    The brand is Summer Land’s Artisan Collection skin care, and I’ve been trialling all of their products on myself and the family. And, spoiler alert – I love it. As Summer Land say, camel milk has amazing moisture absorption, cell regeneration and collagen production properties. Summer Land’s collection is also uniquely Australian Made and owned. (Which for me is another PLUS!). It’s also suitable for all skin types and the whole family as it’s all natural and free from nasties.

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