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    The Perfect Date Night Outfit | What I Wore

    date night outfit

    I used to dislike the term ‘date night’, before we had kids, I just thought it was so cheesy! Well, I know now it was because basically every day and night was ‘date night’! Before kids, hubby and I used to go out for dinner on a whim, or catch a movie, or have impromptu trips to the beach on the weekends. Now, time together for just us takes planning, lots of planning and the babysitting stars to align!

    On Wednesday we had a little mid-week date night as we saw a movie premiere then had a quick burger dinner afterwards. Out of the house for four hours, yet this took at least three days’ forward planning, and hubby’s sister to graciously baby sit for us. It was so nice to get out of the house during the week and actually chat properly. Herman and I actually met 13 years ago this week, so it was a low key way to celebrate that date, too.

    Often when date night rolls around I’ve placed so much importance on organising everything (dinner, clothes, babysitting for the girls; ensuring the house is relatively clean; expressing milk etc) that my outfit often falls to the way side. It’s ironic that I spend most of my free time planning outfits in my head to wear to occasions that aren’t yet planned, yet when I do have something to go to I throw something together. And that is also true of girls’ nights, not just date nights!

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