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    The Truth About Instagram

    November 18, 2017

    That’s probably a bit of a click-baity headline isn’t it, and to be honest it’s not really my style. It’s also not really my style to talk here about the business side of things in blogging and ‘influencing’ but in light of recent events, one being the ‘expose’ video by beauty blogger Chloe Morello (watch it here) I thought I’d just talk about a few things in regards to how I engage on Instagram.

    How do I get followers?

    The old fashioned way. It’s basically like making friends. You might put a photo up, someone likes it. They might follow you. Or I might follow someone else, and they follow me back. Do I pay for this ever? No.

    What would be the point in paying for followers? It’s like paying for friends. They’re not your real friends, are they? Why would you want them to follow you? Where’s the trust in that? I don’t get it.

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