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    Fast Five With Mum’s Closet | Talking Must-haves

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    Hello and welcome to another instalment of Fast Five With! This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Claire of Mum’s Closet – one of my favourite blogs. Mum’s Closet is all about ‘doing motherhood with a smile and some style’ – but it’s more than that – it’s about realising that once you become a mother your focus changes – but it’s still important to keep and maintain your own style, desires and dreams. And that’s what I love about it. It’s a clean, well ordered blog with weekly style posts and luxe to less features (my favourite!). Claire is another lovely blogger with a down to eath demeanour and a love of leopard print And a bargain or two (don’t we all?!). If you haven’t visited Mum’s Closet, view it here. You can also follow Claire on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

    So without further ado, here’s this week’s Fast Five With Claire from Mum’s Closet!

    1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What three things go into your weekend bag first?

    A little black dress that can be dressed up or down easily {I love me some versatility}, a new book & a good lipgloss!

    Claire of Mum's Closet

    Claire of Mum’s Closet


    2. What’s your Summer must-have?

    A pair of swimmers that you feel fab in. There is nothing more uncomfortable or cringe-worthy than being out at the beach or local pool wearing something that doesn’t fit in the right places, and leaves you feeling insecure. Each Summer, I treat myself to a new pair of simmers/bikinis that fit my shape well and I feel confident in. I want to enjoy Summer days out & about with my kids, not hide away because I’m too scared to wear ill-fitting swimwear.

    3. What’s currently at the top of your autumn/winter wardrobe wish list?

    Oooh, some new boots are up high on my wish list. I’m going to give some over the knee boots a try – hoping they fit my short legs. A couple of new scarves, because they’re always my most used Autumn accessory and a tailored black coat/jacket.

    One of Claire's gorgeous outfits.

    One of Claire’s gorgeous outfits.

    4. What is your all time, best-ever bargain?

    Fashion related: I went to the USA in 2011 and bought a gorgeous GUESS watch for $80. When I got back home to Australia, I saw the exact watch in stores here; ‘on sale’ for $398.

    Non-Fashion related: A couple of years ago, I decided I would buy a new Christmas Tree in the January sales ready for the next Christmas. I found a beautiful large tree which said 50% OFF so took it to the checkouts, expecting pay around $100 with the half price discount. It scanned up for $6. Even the checkout girl was shocked and checked that the price was legit. It was!! I was very happy with that score!

    5. You have been given $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

    I would head down to our local Nail Bar – they do a Spa Pedi & Mani deal for $50. I love indulging in a foot and hand treatment and a pop of colour on my nails on special occasions – that’s my “me” time every now and then when I get a few child-free hours. I would use the remaining $50 to buy myself a new top online {I love finding bargains on The Iconic and St Frock} or some new ballet flats for Autumn, a statement necklace or a new bold-coloured lipstick.

    For more of Claire’s style and Mum’s Closet goodness, visit