My Frocktober Memories

This Sunday will be 1 October, which since 2012, for me, has meant the start of Frocktober. October is the month I wear a dress a day to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).

Would you like to sponsor my Frocktober efforts and donate to the OCRF? Click here! (And thank you!)

Ovarian cancer is known as a ‘silent killer’ as symptoms are vague and often strike without warning. Unlike many other cancers, there is no early detection test. Ovarian cancer is often diagnosed in the late stages and only 20-30% of women survive beyond five years of diagnosis. Survival rates increase to 80-100% when ovarian cancer is detected and treated early.

The OCRF is trying to develop an early detection test, and that’s where Frocktober and fundraising comes in. If you can spare a few dollars, every little bit helps – let’s get this early detection test and save lives.

I now have two daughters and I’d like to imagine a world where ovarian cancer is not scary, it’s not the silent killer that we know it as. That’s why I am taking part in Frocktober for the sixth year running. Over the years, my sponsors and I have raised over $4000 for the OCRF and I’m hugely proud of that.

So can you help? You can donate to the OCRF and sponsor me HERE.

I thought for a bit of fun I’d feature a few of my fave dresses from the past five Frocktobers – two I was pregnant for!

Any you think I should re-wear this year?!






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