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What I’m Packing In My Hospital Bag This Time


The first time I went to hospital to have a baby, everything was an absolute rush. As I was only 37 weeks I did not expect to be having a baby so soon, and as such I was not as prepared as I wanted to be. I had a hospital bag packed with the essentials and all of the baby goods, however I found there was many things I wished I had, especially as I was stuck in bed for the first day after a c-section (Hannah was breech). My poor mum and husband had to duck back and forth to our house and the shop and bring things to the hospital for me, as I was in for nearly five days. So, what would I pack differently this time? Well, in addition to all of the normal things you might pack for a hospital stay to give birth (I use a list like this one for the basics) these are the extra things I’m packing in my hospital bag this time.

The below items are the things I really wished I had while stuck in bed the first 24 hours. I’ve packed these into a seperate bag inside my big bag, which will be easy for someone to hand to me while I’m in bed. Although I didn’t feel the need for a full face of makeup or hairstyle (nor did I have the time or effort or want to do one)(and why would you?), I found having these things on hand made me feel fresher, less tired and more cheery.


1. Fold up hair brush and mirror. Self explanatory, vanity and all that. I bought this at the local chemist for a few dollars.
2. Mouthwash. I just wanted fresh breath! Just being able to refresh your mouth feels amazing.
3. Pen. There’s still forms to fill out – and if not forms, menus! Also useful to jot down notes from the nurses.
4. Moisturiser. I’m loving this MooGoo cream which was gifted to me – it’s gorgeous and thick and moisturising.
5. Eye mask. We had our own room however it’s still really bright – all of the lights on the equipment and with nurses coming in and out and checking on you and the baby. When you can get sleep, it’s best to have good sleep!
6. More moisturiser. Seriously I have a fear of dry hands!
7. Chewing gum. Back to the fresh breath!
8. Dry shampoo. If you have fine hair or a fringe or both then you will know why this has been included! A spray of this in my hair and a brush through makes me feel 100%.
9. Breath mints. Not just for fresh breath (although you may think by now I have some sort of fear of bad breath…possibly true!), peppermints actually make me feel less ill if I’m feeling nauseated. Peppermint tea is also good (actually, I might throw in some tea bags too), and as a bonus it can calm a gassy stomach (well it works for me).
10. Lip balm. This one was gifted to me from MooGoo however any good lip balm would work. As we don’t have air conditioning at home I find any place with artificial heating or cooling dries my lips out big time.
11. BB Cream. I did actually have this in my bag last time – best invention ever! It works like a tinted moisturiser with a bit more coverage. I love it!
12. Face wipes. Great for when you can’t get out of bed, but also fab if you’re a bit of a sweater like me.
13. Roll-on deodorant. This one was also gifted to me by MooGoo and I threw it straight into the bag as it doesn’t have a strong smell and is actually aluminium free. Roll-on is better than spray (in my opinion) as you don’t want strong perfumes overwhelming your new little babe. I didn’t even wear perfume until Hannah was probably five months old!

Although this may seem like a lot, I’m the sort of person who prefers to carry too much rather than want for something. Esspcially in that first day when I was stuck in bed, I found the comforts of home and a little freshening up really made me feel more normal and capable, despite the fact that everything was a bit overwhelming! Having a baby is an amazing time, and to be honest I didn’t rally mind I didn’t have these things last time as I spent 99% of the first day or two just staring at little Hannah. (Yes, you really will do that!) However, now being able to be more prepared, I thought why not.

What did you wish you had in your hospital bag? Anything you forgot to pack? Anything you might have changed for the second time around?

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  • Reply Lauren @ Life at Number Five

    I loved having my toiletries with me in hospital, it made such a big difference (I was in for 4 days). I washed my hair when I had my first shower so I would feel refreshed and clean again. Something about the c-section and being in bed for 18 hours made me feel like I hadn’t washed, which I hated!!
    It was really good having nursing singlets and yoga pants to wear so I felt like I was ‘dressed’ and could have visitors without feeling like I was in my pjs.
    I kind of wish I had taken a pillow, those hospital pillows are a bit thin and I was craving my boomerang pillow by the end of my stay to make it easier to sleep on my side.

    November 5, 2015 at 7:20 pm
    • Reply Jasmine

      Ooh yes good idea I sometimes sleep with a boomerang pillow and it does help. I might do that too! I have packed nursing singlets and loose harem pants too – such a good idea. Totally know what you mean about the c-section! I felt gross and I couldn’t wait to have a shower! X

      November 5, 2015 at 7:46 pm

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