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So, It’s Really Happening… | 36 Week Bump Update


So, this will probably be my last bump update. As Hannah was born at 37 weeks the prediction is that this baby will come early, and if not I will be in for another C-section as for the first. It’s really happening! I’m certainly feeling quite ready to get rid of this huge stomach and hold a little newborn. I keep bumping into things, my back is killing me and of course Hannah just wants to be picked up all the time so that is not fun. Hannah’s behaviour has certainly changed in the past week – there’s been at least one major tantrum per day (with screaming and throwing herself on the floor and lashing out), which I think could be the combination of testing the boundaries and her cottoning-on to the fact she will soon be one of two children.

I speak to her almost daily about a new brother or sister arriving; she seems excited yet it’s really quite hard to tell. I’ve tried to reiterate the fact that babies don’t do too much when they’re born and although we will still be able to go to the park and play and have fun the baby will come as well.

We also went out and bought a present for the baby (for Hannah to give), and also secretly a present for Hannah from ‘the baby’. Hannah picked out a Very Hungry Caterpillar teething comforter toy (“pillar-pillar” she calls it) for the baby, and my heart melted. SO CUTE.

So although we don’t really know how she will react, I think it will obviosuly entail some adjustment, however I am excited to see her face when she meets her brother or sister.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to this month.

How far along?: 36 weeks today.
Weight gain/loss?: gain of approximately 14kg.
Maternity clothes: I’m three weeks into Frocktober (sponsor me here!) so I’ve been wearing dresses for most of the month. I’ve pulled out a few old maxi dresses and they have been great for the warm days. I bought a strapless maternity bra by La Leche League and it seems to work ok under some of the dresses. There’s a major gap in the market for a flattering, practical maternity strapless bra!

Pregnancy bump comparison

Here’s a fun comparison – 24 week, 31 weeks and 36 weeks! Wearing Boohoo dress, Target slides and Forever 21 Panama; and Rubi sandals and Dissh boater hat.

Sleep: nowhere near enough!
Best moment this week: realising I only have a few weeks left to go, and shopping with Hannah for a baby gift.
Food cravings: fish and chips with lots of fresh lemon, vietnamese salads, chilli.
Food aversions: heavy meat dishes.
Gender: still a surprise.
What I miss: a cold, cold glass of wine. Or gin and tonic. Or some sort of ridiculous fruity cocktail.
What I’m looking forward to: meeting the baby, the challenge of two children (haha just joking!) and above all else bringing the baby home.

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