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It’s Getting Closer… | 32 Week Bump Update


Well. It’s been four weeks since my last update, already! Reality has certainly hit this month and I’ve embarked on a serious spring cleaning blitz at our place. Cupboards have been cleaned out, things donated, I’ve done what feels like tonnes of loads of washing (Hannah’s old baby clothes – much of which was unisex) and we’ve had my parents over to help us fix some niggling little issues at home – light switches that didn’t work properly, replacing oven elements, just really boring yet necessary home maintainance. The stuff that makes you feel good once it’s dome.

I’ve also entered the final stage where just about everything is uncomfortable to wear, and all physical activity is tiring. My baby has flipped at least twice – it was head up and now is head down, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it flips again (Hannah was breech and born via c-section). So, what else has been happening this month?

How far along?: 32 weeks last Thursday.
Weight gain/loss?: approximately 10kg.
Maternity clothes: I’ve bought another maternity dress, however it’s an H&M shirt dress which I can wear afterwards too. I’m now focused more on clothing which will be suitable for nursing. I’ve also featured maternity bras, and I’ve bagged a couple of Hotmilk bras (view my post here – it includes a 20% off code). I’ve also been wearing quite a few capes and simple dresses for comfort.

32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant, wearing Cotton On dress and St Frock Cape.

Sleep: not enough! So much uncomfy. So much hips. So much big stomach. Ergh!
Best moment this week:Seeing my baby on screen again at the obstetrician’s – I’m now on fortnightly appointments which is great.
Food cravings:Sweet biscuits, salad, chicken and rice, plain pasta with butter, Chinese lemon chicken, icy poles.
Food aversions: Anything that causes heartburn, wahh! I have not missed you, heartburn.
Gender: Still a surprise.
What I miss: eating spicy food without heartburn!
What I’m looking forward to: meeting this little human, hearing it cry, feeling its little fingers. And seeing Hannah’s face when they meet!

Did you have a late-flipping baby, or a breech baby?

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