The Half-way Mark | 20 Weeks Pregnant

July 3, 2015

Yesterday I reached 20 weeks in this current pregnancy, which is technically half-way. Woohoo! But also, WHAT?! Hey, did you know a full term pregnancy is technically 10 months?! When I found that out the first time around I was also like WHAT?! Lies! Lies! Well, a full term pregnancy is technically 40 weeks, however you only really find out you are pregnant at 4 weeks (at the very earliest), so I guess I understand the whole ‘9 months’ thing. I’ll forgive you, world. Anyway, this time around, being pregnant feels very different. When I was pregnant with Hannah, I was still working full time, however so much time was spent thinking about the baby, about what I should be doing, buying, eating. This time, I’m more relaxed. Actually, very relaxed. I often forget I have another baby on the way, and go to pick up very heavy things or jump on the bed with Hannah, or bend down to pick up things. In such, I have a feeling that this baby is going to be super chilled. Or hyper-anxious, either of the two!

At this point, Hannah is only 18 months, however I think she has cottoned on to the whole baby in my belly thing. She points to my stomach, says ‘baby’ and kisses it. It’s pretty cute, however I’m wondering if it will all be kisses and hugs once the baby actually arrives.

As usual, I’m worried about things that haven’t happened yet, and I am slightly anxious about the whole ‘baby and toddler’ juggle, especially as Hannah is very mum-crazy at the moment – most days she only wants me – and cries blue murder until she gets me. I must admit, I’m loving the extra hugs and closeness, however add a baby to that mix and I think I could go a bit bonkers. When does this phase end? Does it ever end? (Please feel free to tell me lies here if it doesn’t ever end.)

So, I found this questionnaire on the web and I thought I’d give it a go, as a bit of a record to look back upon, and perhaps have a bit of a laugh down the track. I don’t think I could be trusted to do it weekly, however maybe I’ll complete it monthly from here on in. So here goes!

20 weeks pregnant blogger pretty chuffed

20 weeks pregnant – wearing ASOS maternity jeans, thrifted shirt, Forever 21 scarf and ASOS flats.

How far along?: 20 weeks yesterday.

Total weight gain/loss: err, I don’t know for sure as we don’t keep scales (that work) in the house. I’d estimate about a 4 or 5 kg gain, based on what it was on my last visit to the obstetrician.

Maternity clothes: I’m living in my ASOS maternity jeans and Soon Maternity skinny pants, however I’m also wearing a lot of non-maternity including all tops and dresses. I think I’m quite lucky in that my bump is still quite small at this point (it’s my hips that have made maternity pants and jeans more comfortable!)

Sleep: what’s that? A few hours here and there.

Best moment this week: pregnancy related: feeling the baby move FINALLY. Non-pregnancy related: getting my new camera! (Thanks husby x)

Food cravings: anything Vietnamese or Thai and chilli-hot. And also cheesecake. Oh, and there was that one 9pm hot-and-spicy KFC chicken run…

Food aversions: I don’t really eat pork so the smell of roast pork right now is BLEH.

Gender: we’re keeping it a surprise.

Pregnancy symptoms: tired, hungry, bigger belly.

What I miss: I’m not going to lie – a Friday arvo glass of wine. Sleep. And rare beef and lamb. Oh, yes…

What I’m looking forward to: seeing the interaction between Hannah and the new baby.


Any tips for handling the baby/toddler juggle? If you have more than one child, were you very relaxed the second time around?

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  • Lauren @ Life at Number Five

    Wow halfway already! That’s gone so quickly!!
    I was just thinking today that pregnancy would be hard while trying to look after a toddler at the same time, but I don’t think I’ve particularly enjoyed being pregnant. I’ve found it quite challenging and being sick definitely isn’t helping at the moment! It would be so much harder with a toddler in tow.
    You’re looking gorgeous. Hope the second half of the pregnancy is just as relaxed for you. Looking forward to your next update xx

    July 3, 2015 at 7:19 pm Reply
    • Jasmine

      So quickly! Oh that sounds awful, Lauren, I’m sorry you’re not having a good ride with it. It’s been more difficult this time, physically, that’s for sure, however I think it’s been a bit easier mentally as I kind of knew what I was in for, if that makes sense! Luckily it does go quite quickly and soon enough we’ll both have little bubs instead of bumps! Thank you, lovely x

      July 5, 2015 at 4:09 pm Reply

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