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Baby shower gifts

I’m at the age now when the weekends are filled with 30th birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties and first birthdays. (Remember when it was 21sts, going away parties, and ‘just for the hell of it’ parties?) Luckily, I LOVE to give gifts – I’m a terrible gift wrapper, but I love selecting gift, choosing a card, the whole deal. Over the years, I’ve been to my fair share of baby showers, and looking back, pre-baby I totally gave some ridiculously impractical (yet very well-meaning) baby shower gifts. Cashmere sweater in size 0000, anyone?

Luckily I’ve learnt a few things over the years and also can reflect on what we were gifted at our baby shower (my husband and I had a baby shower BBQ with all of our friends invited, not just the ladies) and have made a note of some of the things we found very useful and other things we have bought ourselves since. I might add though, friends, is that we actually used and loved everything we were given at our baby shower! It’s amazing the stuff you don’t know you need, isn’t it?

So here goes, my list of 13 of the best baby shower gifts under $100. Feel free to add you own suggestions into the comments!


1. First Years Close and Secure Sleeper AUD$69.95

I was always in the ‘definitely no co-sleeping’ boat, until I actually had a baby! This is great for when they’re very young and you’re travelling – no need for a portable cot – just put this in the middle of the bed. We loved it.

2. Lamaze panda toy gift set AUD$18

We have this panda rattle and Hannah still plays with it at 10.5 months. A comforter with a teething section will grow with baby, and black and white are great for newborns. Better still it’s totally unisex.

3. Pretty or unique wraps
We loved muslin wraps as Hannah was a summer baby, but if it’s a winter baby try the flannelette or jersey type. They’re useful for wrapping (obvs) but also for shading the pram, wiping faces, playing peekaboo, and just generally having around. I like these ones: Missoni for Target 3 pack AUD$35 (or the green version)

4. Sophie the Giraffe teether AUD$19.95

The classic gift, but in my opinion this works better as little hands can grip the side bits easier. The original is still great though and you can never have too many Sophies! (All natural rubber too.)

5. The classic bouncer AUD$36

We were gifted a pre-owned one of those and we loved it. Easy to use, easy to clean, and light to carry and transport. Sometimes the simple things are best!

6. Onesies

You really can’t go wrong with these, and long and short onesies will be useful in both summer and winter. I love the Bonds zip onesies (currently 2 for $30 here)

7. A cute ‘going out’ outfit

We were gifted so many clothes, and we used most of them. The most useful were the onesies and the cute going out outfits. As it was summer, we liked the button up short-onesies or dresses with the butt covering – easy to use and comfortable to wear (I’m assuming!). I like these ones: Target sun suit AUD$18 or for boys this number short onesie AUD$8. For a little bit more, I love this chambray playsuit AUD$49.95 at Country Road, or this outfit top AUD$16.95 and leggings AUD$12.95 for boys from Cotton On.

This is also a super cute set! AUD$18 at Target.

8. A basket of bath time goodies

Grab a basket, throw in some newborn nappies, a wrap or two, a couple of onesies (these are great – $15 at Target for a three pack) and some face washers and/or a hooded towel (here’s a unisex one for AUD$16) This is also practical to add – Safety First nail clippers and tweezers $8.

9. Maternity/Nursing nightie and or gown

These are perfect for giving a good friend, as you need to know the size. They’re perfect for the hospital when you need a little pick me up, but they’re also practical. They look nice, you don’t feel daggy in them and they’re great for feeding. I like this one by Peter Alexander AUD$79.95 but there are plenty of others on the market.

10. A microwave steriliser

I used a Tommee Tippee one however this looks similar for AUD$69. Great for sterilising bottles, breastmilk containers, small toys, etc. Less water and easy to use.

11. Wooden toys

They’ll last for years and are better for the environment than all of the plastic toys we tend to accumulate. This wooden stacker toy is AUD$30.

12. A play gym or play mat

Great for letting baby chill on, and also for tummy time. This one is similar to ours, for AUD$79.


13. Books and more books!

Board books are fantastic for babies. I love this book for AUD$9.49 – On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman.

What’s your go-to baby shower gift?



















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