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DIY tassel earrings

These DIY tassel earrings are so easy to make, and all up cost about $5! Inspired by DIY Queen A Pair And a Spare Geneva Vanderzeil’s tutorial in her book DIY Fashionista (if you haven’t read it, grab a copy – it’s jammed pack full of awesome DIY projects and inspo), I tripped up to Spotlight to grab some supplies, and once I had everything it really only took 10 minutes (plus overnight drying time). Here’s how I did it!

Step 1: gather up all you materials. You’ll need 2 buttons with a loop on the back (the anchor ones were 99c each), 2 tassels (try the curtain section – mine came in a four-pack), craft glue, earring posts and back fastenings (I actually bought these on eBay as my local Spotlight was sold out – super cheap!).


Step 2: tie the tassels to the loop on the back of the button. Put a dob of glue above the loop and allow it to become tacky (will take about 5 minutes).



Step 3: stick the posts in the glue and allow to dry overnight. And that’s it! I’m thinking of doing some more for summer, maybe a bright orange or pink tassel. Love!


Have you ever given a DIY style project a go? How did it go?


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