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August 19, 2014

I have a few blogger style crushes, one of which is Australia’s very own Closet Voyage. A lawyer by day, a photographer, and a blogger by night, Canberra’s Jiawa Liu is arguably the Australian capital’s most stylish lady and to top it off is an all round lovely person! If you haven’t added her blog Closet Voyage to your favourites, do it now. Jiawa has a wonderful knack for combining high and low fashion – and her love for thrifted finds is contagious. She’ll often combine a thrifted knit and pants, Zara shoes and a Proenza Schouler bag into one totally lust-worthy outfit. If you’re on Instagram, follow Closet Voyage @closetvoyage. I’m SUPER stoked and appreciative as this week Jiawa took time out of her extremely busy schedule to answer the Pretty Chuffed Fast Five! So without further ado, here’s this week’s Fast Five With Closet Voyage’s Jiawa Liu:

1. You’re headed on a mystery weekend away! What are the first three things you throw in your weekend bag?

Oh my gosh, I am the worst at packing for holidays. I’m picturing, as usual, packing a trunk full of irrelevant bric-a-brac – maybe a pen that writes in zero gravity, a few travel size Nutella, and a potato peeler? Ok, but seriously. I could never leave town without my Nike joggers, a pair of trackies or two, and my trusty Olympus Pen travel camera.

Closet Voyage’s Jiawa Liu



2. What’s your current winter must have?

When it comes to winter, a neutral coloured chunky knit jumper is the staple of staples for me. I think of collecting knitted jumpers as akin to squirrels hoarding nuts – it’ll seem crazy to the other squirrels, but when winter comes you’ll be the best dressed squirrel around.

3. What are you most looking forward to wearing/doing come warmer weather?

I’ve been watching all my fellow northern hemisphere style bloggers work slides with everything, and I can’t wait till it’s warm enough to try it out.

4. What’s your best ever bargain?

As a Chinese-Australian, ‘cheap-ass’ is a genetic predisposition, so I’ve got way too many bargain stories up my sleeve. Recently, though, I’ve been on eBay for a bit of cheap and dirty retail therapy, and I nabbed some perfect sunglasses for just $0.99!

5. You’ve got $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

I’ve got a weird low-end-high-end wardrobe profile. I’m willing to spend a month’s salary on my dream handbag, but when it comes to other pieces, I suddenly turn into a penny pincher. So, most likely, I’d be hitting up every charity shop in town and coming home with a few kilograms of thrifted finds.

Jiawa in thrifted shirt and coat, Proenza Schouler bag, eBay sunglasses and MAD LOVE jeans.



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